Festival II< Connect to the future> “A Two-Day Arts Festival of music, art and

sports connecting Japan with the World”

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Tower Arts Festival II 2017
Dates: Saturday, November 11 and Sunday November 12, 2017Event
Coordinators: Haruka Tachibana, Takafumi Tanaka, Joseph Amato, Moeko
IshikawaMusic Director: Katsuhiro TsubonouLocation: Two stages:
Tokyo Tower Main Stage and Observation Dekl StageAdmission: Main Stage:
Basement Floor (Free Admission All-Day) Observation Deck: Club
333 Stage First Floor           (Free Admission,Observatories fee only)
Organizers: Cultural Sending Promotion Committee / Joint Organizers:
Hogaku Journal / Grant: Toshiba International Foundation /Cooperation:
Tokyo Tower, Internet Association Japan, NPO Sports Coaching Initiative
Tokyo International School, Jump SQ Editor, Kantele Japan Friendship,
Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Japan, Uzbekistan Embassy,
Dominican Embassy, Roland, Survey, Barushure Tokyo, many
others/Contributors: The Japan Foundation, Finland Embassy, J-COM,
Minato-ku International Association, Minato-ku Education Association,
Minato-ku Visitors Center, Mother Earth Publishing, King Records, meny
others/Beyond 2020 program
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Tokyo Tower Observation Deck StageClub 333 Stage Concert"Traditional Music
to Contemporary Music"Saturday, November 11, 20174 performances: 1:00pm,
3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pmSunday, November 12, 20174 performances: 1:00pm,
3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pmMusical instruments: Koto, Shakuhachi, Shamisen,
Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Harp, Doira (Dayereh) , Kantele, Clarinet, Bassoon,
Marimba, Tuba, Swiss Cowbell, plus voice, choirs, string ensembles and other
instruments.The weekend event includes an international collaboration with various world music
instruments including Swiss cowbells, Finnish kantele and other world music instruments.Club 333 Tokyo
Tower live global broadcast Saturday, November 13, 2017 features live global broadcast on Tokyo Tower
TV and on this website: http://tokyotower.tv/Tokyo Tower Main Hall (Basement Floor)Saturday, November
11 and Sunday, November 12, 201711:00am – 7:00pmExhibition Space: Various vendors including arts,
sports and education companies.Event Space: Enjoy various workshops and hands-on experiences with
international artists and musicians from Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Finland, Chile and Japan, plus musical
instruments from around the world. Tokyo International School Choirs and String Ensemble.